A new and already popular addition to the Share family, this fermented variety of grapefruit must have caused a sensation in ancient times for increased vitality. Test the elegant sister of the Share® Original plum.

Balm for our inner self


Following the success of the Share® Original plums, we felt that our loyal fans deserved yet a third choice in their quests for nutritional snacks. So once again, combining the mystical Asian culture and European fermentation knowledge, we created this special “praline” from a grapefruit to bring you the Share® Pomelozzini.

The basis is grapefruit (pomelos) of the highest quality, rich in essential oils, enzymes, microorganisms, vitamins, especially vitamin C, and important bitter substances from the vitamin rich peel. These are crushed and fermented for 30 months. Finally, small balls (chocolates) are formed. These “chocolates” (affectionately called “Pomelozzini”) surprise with a unique taste experience while providing important benefits for the body and mind.

“After trying Share-Pomelozzini® once, you wouldn’t want to give it up”
INSIGHT Share-Pomelozzini®

This is how our Pomelozzini are made into invigorating superfood

Join us on a tour of our manufacturing facility to see the cultivation area, and view the harvesting and fermentation processes involved in producing this exciting super-food!