Share-Original® Plum

The original product, perfected over many years, has retained Its full strength and constitutes a worldwide success story which can be of great benefit to you.

Concentrated vitality through fermentation


Asian wisdom combined with European know-how: The Share-Original® Japanese apricot, also referred to as a plum, has been revered in the traditional Asian culture as an extraordinary food since the 5th Century. It thrives in the subtropical latitude of the Guangxi Mountains in Taiwan and Japan, growing wild on the fertile hillsides.

Our preferred Share-Original® plums grow in a wild form in a designated nature reserve, and are carefully hand harvested by small farmers. Adhering to fair pricing, we ensure that their efforts are rewarded and that the entire production chain from the tree to you remains correct and sustainable.

Treat yourself to one of the most exciting foods of our time and enjoy the benefits of new health, and new energy!

Share is beyond clichés such as "lifestyle to go" and "functional food"

Share is trendy and yet timeless as a snack that will take you farther. We, as well as many of our customers, have consumed Share fruit daily over several years, and it can be taken daily or as often as you wish.

Enrichment through fermentation

Fermentation means preservation using a controlled structure of valuable enzymes and microorganisms. This centuries-old process has been revived with modern technology and turns the Share-Original® plum into a real “superfood”.

Valuable vital substances

The freshly harvested fruit is fermented for at least 30 months and coated with selected herbs. The released healthy enzymes and microorganisms are particularly valuable for the human organisms. Other fermented foods with which you are probably familiar are Sauerkraut, Kimchi or Miso.

"When enjoying the delicious Share-Original® plums, you should simply let your intuition guide you!"
INSIGHT Share-Original® PLUM

Journey to the Land of the Share-Original® plum

We pay regular visits to our Share farmer/partners. We believe that this intensive contact is vital in fostering and maintaining long-term friendships, and in understanding the care and quality that goes into our “raw material”.

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