The Share-Original® brand has been in existence for many years. Since its origin we have been able improve the health of innumerable people all over the world. The positive energy created drives us to continue producing this high quality product and to show even more people what is possible.

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Numbers and facts, that we are proud of



In almost four decades we have refined the recipe for the fermented Share-Original® Plum and Share-Pomelozzini® to perfection – you can taste this with every bite and you can feel the effect.



Beginning in Central Europe, the popularity of Share-Original® has quickly spread through Asia and, more recently, America. Tens of thousands of customers trust in the invigorating affects which begin in the stomach and have a positive effect on the whole organism.



Our sales partners are hand-selected, much like our fruits. We maintain a personal, attentive and trusting relationship with each of our dealers, and in most cases these are long-lasting.

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We want to make Share® accessible to as many people as possible so that even more can enjoy the health benefits it provides. We can accomplish this mission by working together!

Experience the extraordinary success story of Share®


Our corporate design was refreshed and our new website went online. With the aid of social media you are able to access a wealth of information on the product.
Because Share® Original is holistically oriented we are able to provide important suggestions beginning at the center of the body, the intestine, and include facts about healthy diet, sufficient exercise, and mental balance.


Fermented food is becoming a mega trend. You may ask what is the difference between share fruits and the mass of copycat products? In contrast to other products that are “killed” by heating, dehydration or other technologies, Share-Original® Plum and Share-Pomelozzini® continue to live, and can therefore ensure unrivaled health in the human organism.


Year of birth of Share-Pomelozzini® : the important addition to Share-Original® Plum. Together, this power duo provides the perfect change for our users: plum today, pomelo tomorrow – or simply both on the same day. Incredibly juicy and pleasing in taste, Pomelozzini is probably not the last new creation from Share. There will be more to come!


Our number of fans rises steeply. More and more people are recognizing the positive power of fermented foods such as Share-Original® Plums or Share-Pomelozzini®. This success is certainly due to the high personal recommendation rate. We see this as an extremely good sign of the recognized effects and appreciation of our products.


The first plums come to Austria in 2016 and we offer them as Share-Original® , fermented green plums. In a very short time, there is such enthusiasm about Share-Original® that we had to increase production to meet the high demand.

Boost metabolism
Metabolism is the key to your inner energy. Tap into this magic Source!
100% vegan
Share is a pure, organic, premium natural product
Popular worldwide
Share users in over 44 countries have learned to trust this product
"Bling" for the gut
Nibble karma: Feel like newborn

Share-Original® Impressions

Careful manufacture
State-of-the-art fermentation know-how guarantees premium quality

Healthy Lifestyle
Consciously choose a healthy lifestyle for more energy and balance

Asian wisdom
Make use of centuries-old knowledge to increase your sense of well-being

Conscious nutrition
Know that wellness almost always begins with a healthy metabolism in the intestine

Paths to spirituality
Those who are aware of their spiritual needs tend to choose their foods more carefully

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